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Operating your own fleet is getting more challenging and costly every day.  For most well-run businesses, truck leasing is a superior financial and operational alternative because your cash flow improves, your truck uptime improves, and your transportation costs are more consistent. Spreading out your cost monthly, rather than having to come up with a big down payment or a huge amount of money to purchase a vehicle.  This will give you financial flexibility so that you can use your assets to keep the company running smoothly. Because it’s not a question of if you can own your own fleet. It’s whether you should.

Your core business may not be trucking, but you need trucks to move your product. We can help! As your single source provider, we offer customized leasing solutions that handle all of your truck maintenance, 24-Hour roadside assistance, fuel tax reporting, licensing, permitting, free substitute trucks, and even washing.

Perhaps you already do own your own fleet. Efficiency Enterprises can help you leverage the equity that’s tied up in your truck fleet. Our ownership transition program will show you the true cost of truck ownership. We are your commercial leasing industry experts, and we can create a buyout/lease back program to help you transition from truck ownership to full service leasing.

If you prefer to own your vehicles for tax or equity reasons, our Full Service Lease is a great option. With a Full Service Lease, you get the fixed and guaranteed maintenance cost and Priority Service of a Full Service Lease while retaining all benefits of vehicle ownership.

Why lease with Efficiency Enterprises?

  • Predictable operating costs.
  • Improved cash flow.
  • No expensive down payments.
  • Maintenance Services: Where you need it, when you need it!
  • Licensing and Permit Services: We take care of it, so you don’t have to.
  • Industry leading expert technicians.
  • Top Priority all service locations.
  • No interruptions to your business. Substitute vehicles when your lease truck requires unscheduled maintenance.
  • Need an extra truck for a short term? We have you covered and at preferred lease rates.